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Thursday, November 18, 2021
Sheldon Ray, Jr., Senior V.P. for Investments and Portfolio Manager with Raymond James & Associates (Washington, DC).
What Investors Need to Know About Today's China

Sheldon will talk to us about what is happening in China and how that may provide opportunities for investing in China as well as how what is happening in China may affect your investments.

Sheldon is a Certified Portfolio Manager and Sr. Vice President at Raymond James in Washington, DC. He and his partner manage a global balanced portfolio of equities and fixed income for individuals and institutions (www.rrglobalassetmanagement.c om). Sheldon's analysis focuses on risk management, corporate governance, global macroeconomics, and long-term geopolitical outlook, in addition to dividend yields, price-to-earnings ratios and other fundamentals. He studies numerous aspects of China's emergence and assesses their impact on nearly all investment decisions. He conducts his own research and maintains regular contact with senior government officials, diplomats, economists, regulators and journalists.

Sheldon entered the securities profession with Prudential Securities in 1996, and joined Raymond James in February of 2015, after working at Morgan Stanley and UBS. Previously, Sheldon worked for 11 years in the real estate investment business. The first five years were spent in Hong Kong, where he advised senior corporate executives on real estate investments and financing. Sheldon's Hong Kong experience was pivotal in developing his global perspective.

Sheldon regularly speaks to various groups on China, international financial markets and global corporate governance issues. Audiences include Fudan University in Shanghai, University of Chicago Graduate School of Business Alumni, National Defense University, Nordea Bank, the Foreign Service Institute of the Department of State, and CCTV. During Sarbane/Oxley proceedings Sheldon advised SEC commissioners on non-US securities regulations.

Sheldon has a Bachelor of Science degree in finance from Louisiana State University and received his Certified Portfolio Manager designation from Columbia University. He lives in Washington, DC.

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Thursday, December 16, 2021
David Navari, MISIG Member
Steam Rolled by Today's Technology Disruption: Electric Vehicles and the Energy Revolution

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