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Online Webinar
7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
Thursday, June 17, 2021
Lori Ziebart, President and CEO of the Energy Infrastructure Council and Rob Baldwin, Board member of EIC, whose expertise is investing in Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs).
The Energy Industry, the Evolving Role of Energy Transition, and How Investors Can Seek Higher Yields Through MLPs

The energy industry has been a driver of the U.S. economy and, for individual investors, knowing about this industry, with its diversity and rapidly changing developments, is central. Come and gain a broader perspective of the energy infrastructure from the national organization which supports its efforts. Also learn about energy-related MLPs: their evolution from a little-known investment tool to the more central role they now play, diverse criteria, Environmental Social Governance (ESG) metrics for selecting which MLPs to consider and how investors can use MLPs in their portfolio.

Be ready to submit your questions, preferably by using Zoom's chat feature. Lori and Rob prefer to speak to your questions throughout their presentation rather than primarily at the end of their talk.

For more info on Lori Ziebart and the EIC, see: Click on "About Us" and learn about public and private C-corporations, LLCs and partnerships, MLPs, infrastructure REITS and Yieldcos. Click on "Education" for a wealth of videos about infrastructure, renewable energy, etc., ESG criteria as well as "MLPs". If you have the time, the more prep and exploration you bring to our meeting, the more you will take from our meeting.

For more information on Rob Baldwin, our co-presenter, see:

Zoom link can be found at Montgomery County Public Library Events

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