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September 19, 2020

"Investing and Protecting Your Assets During the Coronavirus Pandemic"
John Kosar, CMT
Chief Market Strategist, Asbury Research
Presentation Description

The expected devastation of COVID-19 triggered a 35% collapse in the benchmark S&P 500 between mid-February and late March, but the benchmark US index has since, inexplicably, recaptured all those losses with a 55% rise off the March lows. Meanwhile, the US continues to lead the world in COVID cases and deaths. Young investors can utilize dollar-cost averaging during these volatile times because they have time on their side, but older investors do not have that luxury. Getting in and out of the market at the wrong times, or just doing nothing, can drastically change how they spend their retirement years -- and what they leave to their heirs. In this presentation, John Kosar, CMT, a 40-year veteran of the financial markets, will show attendees how Asbury Research “follows the money” to identify periods of opportunity from periods of risk, and how its proprietary tactical models moved to cash in February and back into the market in early April to actually capitalize on this recent volatility.

Attend this meeting to learn:
  • How to be a more disciplined investor and protect your money
  • How to map out your investing strategy, in advance, by making data-driven investment decisions
  • How to ”follow the money” to find the best opportunities, avoid risk and sleep better at night!

Speaker Biography

John Kosar, CMT, is chief market strategist of Asbury Research LLC, a firm he launched in 2005. Asbury Research provides a blend of technical and quantitative research to institutional and private investors that tends to be more forward-looking and intuitive than typical Wall Street approaches. He is also chief investment strategist and managing principal of Asbury Investment Management (AIM) and a registered investment adviser. Kosar has 40 years of experience and insight in analyzing and forecasting global financial markets. He spent the first half of his career on the trading floor of the Chicago futures exchanges, then worked as an analyst and strategist for Shearson American Express, NatWest Markets, Greenwich Capital Markets and Deutsche Bank. He is a frequent contributor to Forbes, The Wall Street Journal,, Barron’s, Yahoo Finance,, Reuters, Fox Business and Bloomberg. He has been a speaker for many national organizations including AAII Local Chapters.

October 17, 2020

"To be Announced"
To be Announced
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