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October 20, 2018

"Better Returns: Founders' Wisdom
and Time-Honored Lessons"
Mark Robertson,
Managing Partner, Manifest Investing

Presentation Description
Many average investors are doing it wrong! Higher returns often elude individual long-term investors as the financial services industry's guidance can be wrong or inappropriate. This presentation highlights the harmful noise and misdirection coming from the investment services industry. The visionary founders of the National Association of Investors and the American Association of Individual Investors, George Nicholson and James Cloonan, Ph.D., leveraged collaboration and education, and their wisdom runs contrary to the "noise". What notions can we challenge and better understand? What time-honored lessons offer the potential for better performance? Key questions, and more, will be answered!

Attend this meeting to learn:
  • Long-held investor beliefs that should be challenged!
  • Powerful lessons detailed in "Investing at Level3" & "Better Investing for the Individual Investor"
  • How can we get by with a "little help" from our friends?

Speaker Biography
Mark Robertson is founder and managing partner of Manifest Investing, served as senior contributing editor for Better Investing and has worked with successful investment clubs and individual investors for nearly three decades. Manifest Investing is a webbased resource for investors based on time-honored lessons from the modern investment club movement.
Robertson has appeared on NPR, CNBC and ABC to discuss long-term investing. He has also worked with Smart Money, Barron's, Money magazine and the Motley Fool, and been covered by the Chicago Tribune, The Wall Street Journal and MarketWatch, as well as several local publications.

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November 10, 2018

Brandon Dale Koepke
Alpha Architect

Presentation Description
As cryptocurrencies are relatively new to the Street, it's important for investors to understand what they are and what their possible roles may be. The blockchain is a distributed tamper-resistant ledger with high fault tolerance and security. Brandon Koepke will cover the technologies underlying the blockchain as well as how the blockchain works (including a brief discussion of byzantine fault tolerance).
He will then discuss how blockchain technology led to the development of cryptocurrencies and cover of recent developments. Finally, he will discuss the three largest cryptocurrencies at this time, including what they are used for, how they work and their potential financial impact.
Attend this meeting to learn:
  • What the blockchain is and how it relates to the financial markets and individual investors.
  • How blockchain technology led to the development of cryptocurrencies.
  • What the three largest cryptocurrencies - Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple - are used for and how they work.

Speaker Biography
Brandon Koepke is the chief technology officer at Alpha Architect, a quantitative asset management and consulting firm to high-networth family offices. Koepke has 15 years of experience working with technology ranging from small businesses to large corporations including Disney and Amazon. Koepke has a B.S. in Computer Science specializing in software engineering at the University of Calgary and a BCom in Finance from the Haskayne School of Business.

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