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January 19, 2019

"Dividends Plus: Building Wealth and Growing Income in Uncertain Times"
Roger S. Conrad
Partner, Capitalist Times LLC; Chief Analyst and Publisher Conrad's Utility Investor Alpha Architect

Presentation Description
Roger S. Conrad has been successfully advising investors on how to pick investments and manage portfolios for growth and income since 1986. During this presentation, he'll discuss top picks for 2019, as well as highlight several widely held investments at growing risk for catastrophic declines. Additionally, you'll learn about CUI Plus+, a new active management approach that targets earning annual income of 6% and total returns of 10% with a broadly diversified, weighted portfolio of safe stocks. This program will include an extensive Q & A session, so bring your investment questions or concerns and have them addressed by this highly regarded investment expert!
Attend this meeting to learn:
  • How a diversified portfolio of dividend stocks from "best-in-class" companies can keep your portfolio growing & paying a rising stream of income in any economic and political environment.
  • Where to find the most reliable & best earning stocks in the current environment of rising interest rates and uncertain economic and political conditions.
  • How to avoid the rising risks of a trading environment increasingly dominated by mega-ETFs and the algorithmic trading strategies that use them.

Speaker Biography
Roger S. Conrad has steered individuals and institutional investors to the highest returning energy and income stocks for more than 33 years. From 1989 to April 2013, he was the editor of Roger Conrad's Utility Forecaster, rated number one for 10-year risk adjusted performance by Hulbert Financial Digest at the time he left. Starting April 2013, he's chief analyst of Conrad's Utility Investor, and a partner at Capitalist Times LLC, publisher of Conrad's Utility Investor, CUI Plus+, Deep Dive Investing, Energy and Income Advisor and the trading service Pig Versus Bear. He's also an independent trustee for Miller Howard Mutual Funds and a partner at Halcyon Capital.

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February 16, 2019

"To be announced soon"
Bob Pugh, CFP, CFA
Insight Wealth Management

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