2019 Calendar at-a-glance

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Date Type Topic Presenter  
Jan. 19, 2019 Meeting Dividends Plus: Building Wealth and Growing Income in Uncertain Times Roger S. Conrad details
Feb. 23, 2019 Meeting Syncing the Cycles: Economic and Market Cycles in Investment Planning Bob Pugh, CFP®, CFA details
March 16, 2019 Meeting Behavioral Finance: Managing Yourself to Make Better Investment Decisions Philip H. Weiss, CFA, CPA details
April 27, 2019 Meeting The Dumb Things Smart People Do with Their Money Jill Schlesinger, CFP® details
May 18, 2019 Meeting Navigating China's Influence on Investments Sheldon Ray, Jr. CPM® details
June 15, 2019 Meeting Integrating Estate Planning into Your Financial Plan Phillip J. Kenny, J.D., CFP® details
July 13, 2019 Meeting Investing and Trading Rules Based on 50+ Years of Market Experience Dr. Eric D. Wish details
August 2019 No Meeting
September 2019 Meeting details
October 2019 Meeting details
December 2018 No Meeting