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2013 Calendar at-a-glance

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Date Type Topic Presenter  
01-19-13 Meeting Estate Planning 101 Phillip J. Kenny, JD, CFP® details
02-16-2013 Workshop Managing Portfolio Risk Using Asset Allocation Strategies Bob Pugh, CFA, CFP® details
03-16-2013 Meeting Investment Management in Turbulent Markets William G. Droms, CFA details
04-20-2013 Meeting (Joint with
Better Investing)
Outlook 2013 – Is it Time to Buy or Bail? Sam Stovall details
05-18-2013 Meeting Do Mutual Funds Still Work? Chuck Jaffe details
06-24-2013 30th Anniversary Gala (1) Finding a Stock Winner: First Step Screening (Bajkowski), and (2) Lessons Learned From Monitoring Investment Newsletters for More than 30 Years (Hulbert) (1) John Bajkowski, President, American Association of Individual Investors (AAII), and (2) Mark Hulbert, Hulbert Financial Digest, MarketWatch details
07-20-2013 Workshop Energy and Income: Still Your Best Bet for High Yield, Safety and Growth in an Aging Bull Market Roger S. Conrad details
August-2013 No Meeting
09-21-2013 Meeting Stock Screening and Analysis Techniques Your Guru Never Taught You Marc Gerstein details
10-19-2013 Meeting Building a Multi-Asset, Low Correlation Portfolio Craig L. Israelsen, Ph.D. details
11-09-2013 Meeting All I Need to Know About the Stock Market I Learned in Kindergarten Paul Townsend details
December-2013 No Meeting